5 comments on “Urban Dictionary – Targeted Individual poison gassing / How actress Brittany Murphy was murdered by DHS

      • It isn’t easy. The most failed exam for doctors is diagnosis. Many people are now of the view that Brittany Murphy and her husband were poisoned with rat poison. The authoress of the site gangstalkingexposed has gone silent, and she complained she was being attacked with chemicals. But given the mentality and MO of our attackers the chances are even if you do identify what they are using they will just switch to something else. Just have to try and protect yourself as best you can. Good luck.

  1. This is interesting. The site gangstalkingexposed has not only gone silent, it has disappeared completely from google, duckduckgo and the following listing on webcrawler, when you access it shows a blank page with the message – this site is frozen.
    Expose Gang Stalking – Blog – Webs
    Expose Gang Stalking – Blog – … One more thing, … I would like to remind the community that I am in grave danger for exposing this protocol.

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