3 comments on “Fight Gang Stalking – Tactics for Fighting Back

  1. I came upon your website and being a victim (both my husband and myself for 4.5 years) the site came across well. I personally believe if every TI participated in even some small effort and works with a group- It is an effort to stop this. I also believe this is a prophecy of the Bible. However; look back into history and look at Nazism-Martin Luther King-Ku Klux Klan- all needed to be battled. We are tired warriors in our own right. As an advocate against this crime- I presented a formal complaint
    to a Massachusetts Senator and am fighting for a law acknowledging this crime. In the past week; I have a civil rights attorney that is willing to take the case and file as a class action suit. I am working on details of that. If everyone just keeps active we will win this. Thank you for your efforts on this site.

  2. I’m also a victim of gang stalking I believe they’ve been watching me since 2013/2014 I’m not sure but it all started coming out back in 20 18 219 and still going on to this day I have videos on YouTube Wayne Daniels being gang stalked in Seattle Washington I wasn’t Reno Nevada move to Sacramento California then San Francisco California and follow me now I’m in Fayetteville North Carolina and of course it’s happening here to

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